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Hot Topics
2013 Hot Topics Print
2013 Hot Topics
Xeomin – Role of Complexing Proteins – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
Split-Face Study of Abobotulinumtoxin A with 3 vs. 1 Injection Points to Lateral Canthal Region - Hema Sundaram, MD
Myoscience – Benjamin Ascher, MD

Pain Management – Trial Exparel in Abdominoplasty – Steve Finical, MD
Exparel Study (Annual Premier Global Hot Topics Resident Presentation) Hot Topics - Oscar Masters, MD

Patient Safety
ATP Detector to Check Cleanliness of Exam Rooms and Operating Rooms - Steven Teitelbaum, MD
Xarelto - Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
Office Based Ultrasound for Breast Implant Surveillance   - William P. Adams Jr., MD
2012 Hot Topics Print

2012 Hot Topics

Capsular Contracture – Are We Making Progress?
The Breast – A Clean Contaminated Surgical Site – Sophie Bartsich, MD
Consecutive Nipple Cultures in Consecutive Breast Procedures – Luis M. Rios, Jr., MD
Aspen Ultrasound for Capsular Contracture – Joe M. Gryskiewicz, MD
Non-Bacterial Causes of Capsular Contracture – Mark P. Solomon, MD
Special Presentation:  New ASAPS Member Benefit – The RADAR Resource – William P. Adams, Jr., MD

Formal English Debate – Laser Liposuction
Resolution:  Laser liposuction is a positive body contouring advance for patients.5 min primary arguments; 3min rebuttal each
Barry E. DiBernardo, MD; Steven Teitelbaum, MD  Chairman:   William P. Adams, Jr., MD
Q & A Panel to Follow: Barry E. DiBernardo, MD; Chris Inglefield, MD; Brian M. Kinney, MD; Kenneth Rothaus, MD; Steven Teitelbaum, MD

Belotero Clinical Trial – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
Xeomin Update Comparison to Botox – Brian M. Kinney, MD   
Controlled Study of Tyndall Effect with Different HAs – to Differentiate Intradermal non-Tyndall HAs from Subdermal HAs – Hema Sundaram, MD 

2011 Hot Topics Print

510K Process – Brian Kinney, MD

Overview of State Requirements to Educate Our Audience on the Questions They Need to Ask and to Whom They Should Be Asked to Determine What the Laws Are for Their Particular State – Mark Solomon, MD

Fat Injection  
Cryopreservation of Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ASCs) – Initial Experience in Europe and Future Perspectives – Marco Gasparotti, MD
Cell (Stem) Therapy: An Update – Peter B. Fodor, MD
Stem Cell Facelift – J. Peter Rubin, MD
5 year Experience with Cell Assisted Lipoinjection – Kotaro Yoshimura, M.D.
Isolating Progenitor Cells from the Liquid Portion of Fat After Centrifugation – Ali Mollajal, MD, PhD

Panel – Fat Injection to the Breast Panel – What Does the Science Really Say?
It’s Great – Daniel A. Del Vecchio, MD
It’s Not Great – Alexander G. Digenis, MD
It Might be Great if… - Ali Mollajal, MD

Breast Hot Topics
Breast Implants and Biofilms-Part 2 – Anand Deva, MD
The Neopec Solution for Breast Replacement – Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
Update on Ultrasound for Breast Implant Shell Failure – Bradley P. Bengston, MD
ALCL/ Breast Implant Update – Where Are We Today? – Michael Oefelein, MD

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