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2010 Hot Topics Print

Special Topic Lecture:
Aging Better with Wine – Richard Baxter, M.D.

Hot Topics  “M&M”  What Swam and What Sank?        
Hot Topics 5-Year Snapshot – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Alex Digenis, M.D., Brian Howard, M.D., & Steve Teitelbaum, M.D.

Developing Hot Topics
Kythera, Clinical Trials Deoxycholic Acid (A Fat Dissolving Product) –  Bryant A. Toth, M.D.
Revance – Michael Kane, M.D.
Nuvance –  Preliminary Clinical Data – Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D.
Stretch Marks – What Science Is There For Treatment –  Barry DiBernado, M.D.

The Buzz – Part 2 – Branded Surgeries
What You And Your Patients Need To Know – Brian Reagan, M.D.
Ethical Implications of Branded/Trademarked Procedures  –  Mark Solomon, M.D.
Commentary –  Neil Reisman, M.D.

Fillers -What's Hot and What Can "Burn" You
Catastrophic Filler Complications – Prevention And Treatment – Claudio Delorenzi, M.D.
Fillers – Understanding Mode of Action And Translation to Clinical Results – Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D.
Biofilms and Fillers –  Brian Kinney, M.D.
Body Contouring Using Sculptra Aesthetic  – Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D.
Validation of the Lip Fullness Scale for Assessment of Lip Augmentation – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
Sculptra – 2 Year Experience  –   Christine Hamorii, M.D.
Fillers on the Launch Pad – Jason Pozner, M.D.

Liposuction  - Is Technology Advancing Patient Outcomes? You Make the Call  (consecutive 6 cases, audience vote at the end)
Laser Liposuction Study – Kenneth Rothaus, M.D.
Laser Liposuction Study – Barry DiBernardo, M.D.
Can You Get Skin Retraction With Standard Liposuction – V. Leroy Young, M.D.
Summary/Bodyjet – Peter Fodor, M.D.

Surgical Hot Topics
Advances in Combat Care – Bryan Gamble, M.D.
A Grafting Technique to Maintain Areolar Diameter With Periareolar Mastopexy – Miles Graivier, M.D.
Cosmetic Gyn – Common Complications Presenting to Your Office – Christine Hamorii, M.D.

Quick Hits
Aethoxysklerol – Jason Pozner, M.D.
“Sonic Eye” –   Fingertip Ultrasound Probe Application In Surgery – Mark Jewell, M.D.
Opthera – LED Bandwidth – Christopher Macomber, M.D.
Ideal Implant –  Preliminary Impressions – Joseph Burlin, M.D.


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