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2007 Hot Topics Print

Barbed Sutures – Where Are We Now?
Mechanical Properties of Suture Suspension Systems – Gordon H. Sasaki, MD

Panel – Threads – Show Me the Data!
Moderators: William P. Adams, Jr., MD & Robert Singer, MD
Panelists: Nicanor Isse, MD
Gregory Ruff, MD
Woffles Wu, MD

Surgi-Wire Incisionless Dissector – Miles Graivier, MD

PET: New Generation of Skin Care Product – David S. Kung, MD

Clinical Trial of Evolence (Porcine Collagen) Injectable Filler vs. Restylane – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
Evaluation of Post-Filler Enhancement of Facial Contour Deformities Using Fourier Transform Digital Imaging Processing – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
Restylane Vital & Restylane SUBQ – Claudi0 DeLorenzi, MD
Complications of Fillers – Ute Bauer, MD
Survival of Fat Grafts Based on Harvesting and Preparation Techniques – What the Real Science Suggests – Paul Smith, MD
Freezing Fat: A Fantasy or a Clinical Reality? – Lee Pu, MD
Puragen – Brian M. Kinney, MD

Non-Invasive Technology
Mesotherapy Data – V. Leroy Young, MD
Juvista – TGF-8 – Michael Longaker, MD & V. Leroy Young, MD
VelaSmooth 3D – Barry DiBernardo, MD
Lipivage – Stephen E. Metzinger, MD
Surround Aspiration System UAL – Dennis Hurwitz, MD
Medical Legal Implications of Non-Invasive Technology – Legal Press on Previously Presented Hot Topics - Neal Reisman, MD, JD

Non-Surgical Tightening Panel – Best Case, Worst Case, Bottom Line
Moderators: Candido Fuentes-Felix, MD & Brian M. Kinney, MD
Panelists: Charles E. Hughes, III, MD – Thermage
John Burns, MD – Fraxel
Barry DiBernardo, MD – Titan

Anesthetic Creams – Susan Kaweski, MD
Insorb Absorbable Subcuticular Stapler – Steven Teitelbaum, MD
Coils/Actipatch – Application in Plastic Surgery - Berish Strauch, MD

Panel – What’s Hot in the Plastic Surgery Media?

Moderators: William P. Adams, Jr, MD
Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
Robert Singer, MD
V. Leroy Young, MD
Panelists: Steven Teitelbaum, MD
Wendy Lewis – Global Trends & New Developments Outside the US
Joan Kron – US Personal Perspective
Michelle Kearney – International Perspective


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