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Cryopreservation of adipose tissues: The role of trehalose?

Lee L.Q. Pu, Xiangdong Cui, Betsy F. Fink, Michael L. Cibull, Dayong Gao

Several studies have shown that one of the sugars, trehalose, can improve tissue survival after cryopreservation when combined with other cryoprotective agents, and thus may possibly be used in cryopreservation of adipose tissues that have been found more resistant to injury after freezing.

Award Recipients

Award Recipients

ASERF Career Achievement Award
Robert Singer, MD

Best Aesthetic Surgery Journal Research Paper
Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Aesthetic Surgery: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Current Clinical Trial, Intellectual Property, and Regulatory Landscape
Zeeshaan Arshad; Celine-Lea Halioua-Haubold; Mackenna Roberts; Fulvio Urso-Baiarda, MD, FRCS; Oliver A. Branford, MD, PhD, FRCS; David A. Brindley, MEng, DPhil; Benjamin M. Davies, MD, DPhil; and David Pettitt, BSc, MD

Best Journal Article
M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
Michael R. Schwartz, MD
Kamakshi R. Zeidler, MD
Troy A. Pittman, MD
Robert Cohen, MD
W. Grant Stevens, MD

Distinguished Service Award
Laurie A. Casas, MD

Jerome R. Klingbeil Award for Teaching Excellence
Linda L. Jewell, RPT

Peter B. Fodor Award for Best Panel Moderator
Rod J. Rohrich, MD

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Francisco G. Bravo, MD, PhD

Robert Singer Award for Best Hot Topics Presentation
Alfredo E. Hoyos, MD

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M. Bradley Calobrace, MD

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Ali A. Qureshi, MD

Simon Fredricks Award for Best Panelist
Tim Papadopoulos, MD

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William P. Adams, Jr., MD & Melinda J. Haws, MD

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Daniel C. Mills, II, MD & Richard J. Warren, MD

Ted Lockwood Award for Excellence in Body Contouring
Alfredo E. Hoyos, MD

Tiffany Award - Best Scientific Presentation

Daniel A. Del Vecchio, MD

Walter Scott Brown Award
Arthur Swift, MD

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