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2015 Hot Topics Print

In the Hot Seat – Fat Injection Exclusive – Practical Pearls for Safe Clinical Practice
William Adams, Jr., MD, Louis Bucky, MD, Daniel Del Vecchio, MD and Roger Khouri, MD

New “Stuff” – Where Does It Fit In?
New HA’s (Vobella, Volift, Teosyal, etc.) – Michael Kane, MD
Voluma Update – Kevin Smith, MD
Evosyal – Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
Fillers and Injectables - Market Direction and Industry Perspective – David Moatazedi
Teoxane Skin Care Line – M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
Skincare – Market Direction and Industry Perspective – Jim Headley

Practice Changers Theater
Nano-Fat Grafting – Alexis Verpaele, MD
The Online Patient Migration (Hint:  It’s Away From Your Site) – Ryan Miller
Cellfina – Simeon Wall, Jr., MD
Gluteal Augmentation – Simeon Wall, Jr., MD

What’s the Deal, Man? (Panel)

William Adams, Jr., MD, Barry DiBernardo, MD, Daniel Del Vecchio, MD, Patrick Mallucci, MD, Jason Pozner, MD and Steven Teitelbaum, MD

ALCL Update – What the Science Tells Us
New Perspectives on Etiology of Implant-Associated ALCL – Anand Deva, MD
Biomarkers to Identify Risk Factors for ALCL – Clinical Implications – Marshall Kadin, MD

In the Hot Seat!
Thermi RF – Jason Pozner, MD
CoolSculpting – Robert Whitfield, MD

Show Me Your Moves
Designer Vagina – Christine Hamori, MD
PA Masto/Vertical Lift – Frank Lista, MD

Better Call Saul Talks – The Future of Plastic Surgery (Feature Panel)
Moderator – William Adams, Jr., MD
Lifestyle Healthcare: “Freedom vs. Feardom” – Robert Grant

New Concepts
Clearista: Alternative for Keratin-Based Skin Lesions – Mark Jewell, MD
Bundling Product Sales with Operative Procedures – Stephan Finical, MD
Lightweight Breast Implants – Michael Scheflan, MD
ThermiSmooth 250 – Denis Branson, MD

Formal English Mini-Debates
Moderator – Simeon Wall, Jr, MD
CoolSculpting - Grant Stevens, MD (pro) and Barry DiBernardo, MD (con)
GalaFlex vs SERI Surgical Scaffold – Bruce Van Natta, MD (GalaFlex) and Mark Jewell, MD (SERI Surgical Scaffold)

Shaped Implants Are Obsolete Now with a Round Breast Implant and Fat Grafting
Daniel Del Vecchio, MD (pro) and Steven Teitelbaum, MD (con)

Nurse Injector vs MD Injector

MD Injector – Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
Nurse Injector – M. Bradley Calobrace, MD

Microneedling (Panel)
Simeon Wall, Jr., MD, Daniel Del Vecchio, MD and Joe Gryskiewicz, MD


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