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The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation

Scientific Exhibit Award Print

This plaque is presented to the individual who presents the Scientific Exhibit at an ASAPS/ASERF annual meeting which is selected as the most educational.

Award Recipients
2011 - Marcos Sforza, MD
2010 - Alessandra Haddad, MD
2009 - Marcos Sforza, MD
2008 - Bradley P. Bengtson
2007 - Mark A. Pinsky, MD
2006 - Peter B. Fodor, MD
2005 - Jaime Anger, MD
2004 - Arturo C. Prado, MD
2003 - Robert M. Freund, MD
2002 - Gregory R.D. Evans, MD
2001 - Steven M. Hoefflin
2000 - Scott E. Newman, MD
1999 - Richard Zienowicz, MD
1998 - Vicente De Carolis, MD
1997 - Hamid Massiha, MD
1996 - Bonnie J. Baldwin, MD
1995 - Brad J. Jacobs, MD
1994 - Brad J. Jacobs, MD (resident)
1994 - Mehdi N. Adham, MD
1993 - Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
1992 - Thadeusz Wellisz, MD


"I GIVE..."

Dr. and Mrs.
Joseph M. Gryskiewicz
Burnsville, MN
“Corky and I contribute to plastic surgery research because we understand the need for funding to pave the way for new discoveries and to enhance patient safety."
"I am a long time member of the research committee. We are very frugal with how we apportion funds so I can assure you that your donation will be allotted wisely."

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