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3-part series:
Impact of Capsulectomy Type on Post-Explantation Systemic Symptom Improvement: Findings From the ASERF Systemic Symptoms in Women-Biospecimen Analysis Study: Part 1
Caroline Glicksman, MD, MSJ, FACS; Patricia McGuire, MD; Marshall Kadin, MD; Marisa Lawrence, MD; Melinda Haws, MD; Jill Newby, PhD; Sarah Ferenz, BA; James Sung, MD, FCAP; Roger Wixtrom, PhD

Heavy Metals in Breast Implant Capsules and Breast Tissue: Findings from the Systemic Symptoms in Women–Biospecimen Analysis Study: Part 2
Roger Wixtrom, PhD; Caroline Glicksman, MD, MSJ, FACS; Marshall Kadin, MD; Marisa Lawrence, MD; Melinda Haws, MD; Sarah Ferenz, BA; James Sung, MD, FCAP; Patricia McGuire, MD

Microbes, Histology, Blood Analysis, Enterotoxins, and Cytokines: Findings From the ASERF Systemic Symptoms in Women–Biospecimen Analysis Study: Part 3
Patricia McGuire, MD; Caroline Glicksman, MD, MSJ, FACS; Roger Wixtrom, PhD; C. James Sung, MD, FCAP; Robert Hamilton, PhD, D(ABMLI); Marisa Lawrence, MD; Melinda Haws, MD; Sarah Ferenz, BA; Marshall Kadin, MD

Safety Considerations of Fat Grafting in Buttock Augmentation
Greg J. Goodman, MBBS, FACD; GradRebecca C. O’Neill, MD; Summer E. Hanson, MD, PhD, FACS; dward Reece, MD, MBA, FACS; Sebastian Winocour, MD, MSc, FACS

Histological Evaluation of the Skin After Fat Grafting: A Blinded, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Study
Juan PBR Maricevich, MD, Marcel FMB Lima, MD, Ana Carolina Maricevich, MD, Marco ABR Maricevich, MD, Larissa FJ Silva, MD, Daniela M Takano, MD, MSc, Rafael Anlicoara, MD, Álvaro Antônio Bandeira Ferraz, MD, PhD

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Aesthetic Surgery: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Current Clinical Trial, Intellectual Property, and Regulatory Landscape
Zeeshaan Arshad; Celine-Lea Halioua-Haubold; Mackenna Roberts; Fulvio Urso-Baiarda, MD, FRCS; Oliver A. Branford, MD, PhD, FRCS; David A. Brindley, MEng, DPhil; Benjamin M. Davies, MD, DPhil; and David Pettitt, BSc, MD

Adipose Stem Cell Function Maintained with Age: An Intra-Subject Study of Long-Term Cryopreserved Cells  
Lauren E. Kokai, PhD, Dmitry O. Traktuev, PhD, Liyong Zhang, PhD, Stephanie Merfeld-Clauss, BS, Gabriella DiBernardo, BS; Hongyan Lu, PhD, Kacey G. Marra, PhD, Albert Donnenberg, PhD, Vera Donnenberg, PhD, E. Michael Meyer, BS, Peter B. Fodor, MD, Keith L. March, MD, PhD & J. Peter Rubin, MD   

The Relationship of Bacterial Biofilms and Capsular Contracture in Breast Implants
Dragana Ajdic, PhD, Yasmina Zoghbi, MS, David Gerth MD, Zubin J. Panthaki MD, & Seth Thaller MD, DMD, FACS  

Characterization of Adipose Tissue for Autologous Fat Grafting
Thomas M. Suszynski, MD
David A. Sieber, MD
Allen L. Van Beek, MD
Bruce L. Cunningham, MD

Adipose-Derived Stem Cell to Epithelial Stem Cell Transdifferentiation: A Mechanism to Potentially Improve Understanding of Fat Grafting's Impact on Skin Rejuvenation.
Brian M. Derby, MD
Hui Dai, MD, PhD
Joel Reichensperger, BS
Lisa Cox, BS
Carrie Harrison, BS
Nicole Cosenze, MS
Mei Yang, MD, PhD
Rueben A, Bueno, MD
Michael W. Neumeister, MD, FRCSC, FACS


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