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Best Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum Paper Print

Award Recipients

This award is for the best paper published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum.

Breast Implant Illness: An Expert-Panel Discussion on Current Research
Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD, FACS; Caroline A. Glicksman, MD, MSJ; Patricia A. McGuire, MD; Luis M. Rios Jr., MD, and William P. Adams Jr., MD

Tranexamic Acid in Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: A Systematic Review of Evidence, Applications, and Outcomes
Garrett D Locketz, MD, Kirkland N Lozada, MD, Jason D Bloom, MD, FACS

Management of Asymptomatic Patients With Textured Surface Breast Implants
Patricia A. McGuire, MD; Anand K. Deva, BSc (Med), MBBS, MS, FRACS (Plast); Caroline A. Glicksman, MD;  William P. Adams Jr, MD; and Melinda J. Haws, MD


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