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2021 Hot Topics Print

The Latest and Greatest in Facial Rejuvenation
The Future of Facelift and Microneedling (Cytrellis Update) – Jason Pozner, MD
The New Lutronic Genius RF Microneedling Device and Morpheus – Jason Pozner, MD
PRP in a Bottle: Biolmolecular Skin Care – Barry DiBernardo, MD
SofWave New and Improved US Tightening Device – Barry DiBernardo, MD
MyEllevate – Greg Mueller, MD
Threadlift: Updates & Pearls – Julius Few, MD
PuraSinus – Julius Few, MD
Revance Update – Michael A. C. Kane, MD
The Hemostatic Net: Hematoma Prevention in Rhytidectomy – James Grotting, MD

Digital Updates You Need to Know About
Aesthetic One App – Louis Strock, MD
ANN – Barry Fernando, MD
Aesthetic Innovations – W. Grant Stevens, MD

What I Changed About My Practice During the Pandemic and Why it is Better Now
What I Changed – Harry Mentz, MD
What I Changed – Julius Few, MD
What I Changed – M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
What I Changed – W. Grant Stevens, MD
What I Changed – Paco Canales

From Muscle to Skin, What Are We Doing to Beautify the Body?
High Energy Repetetive output BBL: Sciton Hero – Jason Pozner, MD
Renuvion (Interior and Exterior) – Diane Duncan, MD
InMode Update: BodyTite, FaceTite, Morpheous 8 – Harry Mentz, MD
Wrappable RF for Skin Tightening – Barry DiBernardo, MD
Brijjit Wound Closure – Felmont Eaves III, MD
The Interi System for Surgical Wound Closure – Patricia McGuire, MD
FDA Stem Cell Update – Robert Singer, MD

What’s New in Breast Surgery and How Does it Help Me?
Mesh for the Breast, What to Use and When? – M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
Motiva Update – Caroline Glicksman, MD
Stingray: A New Implant Delivery Option – Joe Gryskiewicz, MD

What We Are Doing About Cellulite Now?
Qwo and the Phase 4 Study Updates – Diane Duncan, MD
Multiple Cellulite Treatment Options – M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
Grade III Injections, Grade II Microneedling – Barry DiBernardo, MD

The Latest Plastic Surgery Trends Driven by Social Media
Spider Butt Lift with Threads – Simeon Wall Jr., MD
Barbie Nose – Jamil Ahmad, MD
Russian Doll Lips – Tiffany McCormack, MD

Closing Remarks by Co-Chairs
Jamil Ahmad, MD
Tiffany McCormack, MD
Simeon Wall Jr., MD




"I GIVE..."

Sharadkumar Dicksheet, MD
Brooklyn, NY
Life Insurance Policy

Dr. Dicksheet was a selfless humanitarian and philanthropist living on social security. He continued to give his time and expertise by providing thousands of cleft lip surgeries to children in need in India. Dr. Dicksheet passed away November 14, 2011.

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