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2016 Hot Topics Print
Moderators – Jamil Ahmad, MD and Simeon Wall, MD

What’s Happening in Fillers and Neuromodulators
Presenters – Jamil Ahmad, MD and Z. Paul Lorenc, MD

Hot Tech:  Skin Resurfacing, Lasers and Tattoos – What Works?  What Doesn’t?  Can You Be Profitable with These Techniques?
Presenters – Daniel Del Vecchio, MD, Barry DiBernardo, MD and Henry Mentz, MD
A Triple Take on the Double Chin – What’s Hot, What’s Best and What’s Not Worth It
Presenters – Barry Di Bernardo, MD, Joseph Hunstad, MD and W. Grant Stevens, MD
Device Wars:  Fat Reduction / Skin Tightening / Cellulite
Presenters – W. Grant Stevens, MD, Jennifer Walden, MD, Gordon Sasaki, MD and Daniel Mills, MD
Controversies in Female Genital Rejuvenation
Discussants - Heather Furnas, MD, Kristi Hustak, MD, Neal Reisman, JD, MD and Jennifer Walden, MD
ASERF Bench to Bedside 2016: Stem Cells – Where Are We At?
Presenter – Kai Uwe Schlaudraff, MD
Discussants – Daniel Del Vecchio, MD and Peter Rubin, MD
Headline News:  Live From Las Vegas
Discussants - William P. Adams, Jr., MD, Daniel Del Vecchio, MD, Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, MD, Mark Magnusson, MD and W. Grant Stevens, MD

Practice Changer:  FDA Guidelines for MiAnimal Manipulation of Fat
Discussants – Daniel Del Vecchio, MD, Neal Reisman, JD, MD and Peter Rubin, MD

The Latest in Breast Implants, Scaffolds, and Support
Presenter – Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, MD
Discussants – William Adams, Jr, MD, Frank Lista, MD, Mark Magnusson, MD, Patrick Mallucci, MD, Neal Reisman, JD, MD and Michael Scheflan, MD
The Latest in Biologic Scaffolds:  New Shapes, New Applications, Old Problems
Presenters – Daniel Mills, MD and Bruce Van Natta, MD
Discussants – Joseph Hunstad, MD, Mark Jewell, MD and Michael Scheflan, MD

Technology in Plastic Surgery:  New Apps that have the Potential to Change Your Practice
Presenters – Thomas Bell, MD, Nolan Karp, MD, Ryan Miller, John Semple, MD and Gary Breslow, MD

BIA-ALCL:  Differing Opinions on What This Means for Our Patients
Presenter – Mark Clemens, MD
Discussants - William Adams, Jr, MD, Mark Magnusson, MD and Bruce Van Natta, MD

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