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Understanding Breast Implant Illness Print

The ASERF Scientific Research Committee and Board of Directors are pleased to announce the following grant award:

Researcher: Jill Newby, PhD

Grant Award: ASERF Interim Grant

Amount Awarded: $20,000.00

Project Name: Understanding Breast Implant Illness

Project Summary:

Breast implant illness (BII) is a new term used to describe a myriad of symptoms that are proposed to be caused by breast implant (Magnusson et al. 2019); however, to date no scientific information has confirmed this, and there is no diagnostic test to make the diagnosis.
The ultimate goal of this project is to better understand the nature and causes of Breast Implant Illness, so that it can be: prevented (in women without symptoms), or treated and cured (in women with symptoms).
This project also aims to better understand the role of psychological/behavioral factors in perpetuating the distress linked to unexplained symptoms after implant surgery.


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