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What’s New in Face and Neck Rejuvenation
A Paradigm Shift in HA Fillers – M. Bradley Caolbrace, MD
Minimally Invasive Facelift: Xact – Louis Bucky, MD
Genius RF Microneedling – Jay Burns, MD
Lower Eyelid Orbital Fat Treatment with Agnes – Lee Thornton, MD
Treatment of Facial Muscles: Introducing “EM-Face” – Barry DiBernardo, MD
Panel Discussion

Advances in the Treatment of Cellulite
Aveli by Revelle – Laurie Casas, MD
Resonix for Cellulite – Jay Burns, MD
Injection & Microneedling – Barry DiBernardo, MD
Qwo with Ultrasound Visuallization – Bradley Bengston, MD
Panel Discussion

Skin Care and Wound Optimization
Alastin Reform & Repair for Enhanced Surgical Healing – Laurie Casas, MD
Revision Skin Care for Optimal Healing – Jay Burns, MD
Brijjit – The Latest Data on thi Novel Closure Device – Felmont Eaves III, MD
Panel Discussion

The Latest on Fat Transfer, Harvest and BBL
State of the Art in BBl: UltraBBL – Daniel Del Vecchio, MD
Comparison of All-in-One Fat Harvest / Graft Syringes – Barry DiBernardo, MD
Liposhot: Selt Contained, Handheld Fat Harvesting and Delivery Device – How to Make an Invention
– Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
FDA Warning on REnuvion – M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
Panel Discussion

Implant Updates
Mesh Updates: Galaflex Light vs. Regular – Bruce Van Natta, MD
Update on Motiva US Premarket Study – Caroline Glicksman, MD
The Utility of Handheld Ultrasound – Patricia McGuire, MD
Mentor Update – William P. Adams Jr., MD
Stingray: How to Bring and Idea to the Marketplace – Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
Appieli AI Platform – Rod Rohrich, MD
Panel Discussion: State of the Art Breast Augmentation 2022

Breast Implant Illness
Breast Implant Illness: The Scientific Perspective – Paco Canales, MD
My Experience Treating the BII Patient – W. Grant Stevens, MD
A Novel BII Research Project – W. Grant Stevens, MD
Proving or Disproving BII: Our Research – Patricia McGuire, MD
My Current Take on BII – William P. Adams Jr., MD
Hot Seat Panel Discussion

New Developments in Medspa and Practice Management
Business Intelligence & KPI Reporting – Paco Canales, MD
Cyber Attacks – W. Grant Stevens, MD
EngageMD: A Novel Way to Interact with Patients – W. Grant Stevens, MD
Practice Loyalty Programs – M. Bradley Calobrace, MD
Patient Financing: YES Doctor – Barry DiBernardo, MD
Panel Discussion

Aesthetic Updates: What Do I Need to Know?
ANN – Barry Fernando, MD
Aesthetic One – Caroline Glicksman, MD

Closing Remarks by Co-Chairs
Jamil Ahmad, MD
Tiffany McCormack, MD
Simeon Wall Jr., MD