A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial Evaluating the Single and Combined Efficacy of Radiofrequency and Hybrid Fractional Laser for Nonsurgical Aesthetic Genital Procedures in Post-Menopausal Women Print
Christine Wamsley, BA, Mikaela Kislevitz, MD, BSN, RN, Nicole R Vingan, BS, Sydney Oesch, MD, Karen Lu, MD, Jennifer Barillas, BS, John Hoopman, CMLSO, Yucel Akgul, MD, PhD, Deniz Basci, MD, Kimberly Kho, MD, Phillipe E Zimmern, MD, Jeffrey M Kenkel, MD, FACS
Aesthetic Surgery Journal, sjac202

Background: The efficacy of interventions that provide long-term relief of genitourinary symptoms of menopause has not been determined.
Objectives: The authors sought to evaluate radiofrequency and hybrid fractional laser (HFL) treatments for menopausal vulvovaginal symptoms.   

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