Aesthetic Surgery in Plastic Surgery Academia Print

Galen Perdikis, MD, Felmont F Eaves, III, MD, Gabriella E Glassman, BS, Sallie Walker, MSHA, MBA, Li-Ching Huang, PhD, Bruce Mast, MD, Lynn Damitz, MD, J Peter Rubin, MD, Joseph M Serletti, MD, Juliana Hansen, MD, John Potochny, MD, Jeffery Kenkel, MD, Peter J Taub, MD, Sara Sobczyk, MHA, Robert H Gilman, MD, DMD, Michel Hector Saint-Cyr, MD, Paul Cederna, MD

Aesthetic Surgery Journal, sjaa181

Background: Aesthetic surgery is a critical component of academic plastic surgery. As institutions are placing increased focus on aesthetic surgery, there is an opportunity to identify factors that facilitate the creation and maintenance of successful aesthetic plastic surgery programs.

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