Comparative Analysis of Cytokines of Tumor Cell Lines, Malignant and Benign Effusions Around Breast Implants Print

Marshall E. Kadin, MD; John Morgan, PhD; Nick Kouttab, PhD; Haiying Xu, BS; William P. Adams Jr MD; Caroline Glicksman, MD; Patricia McGuire, MD; David Sieber, MD; Alan L. Epstein, MD, PhD; Roberto N. Miranda, MD; and Mark W. Clemens, MD

Aesthetic Surgery Journal  2019, 1–8

Background: More than 700 women have developed an anaplastic large T cell lymphoma (ALCL) surrounding textured surface breast implants, termed  breast  implant–associated  ALCL  (BIA-ALCL).  Most  patients  with  BIA-ALCL  present  with  an  accumulation  of  fluid  (delayed  seroma)  around  the  implant. However, benign seromas without malignant cells complicating scar contracture, implant rupture, trauma, infection, and other causes are more common. For proper patient management and to avoid unnecessary surgery, a simple diagnostic test to identify malignant seromas is desirable.

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