ASERF to introduce new Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system expanding its research capabilities Print
In 2022, ASERF will launch a new EDC technology platform; Survey, Extraction, Transformation, and Analysis or “SETA” (say-tuh), which is powered by AnzuMedical. 

SETA, the only technology and software platform of its kind is optimized for aesthetic medicine research. Optimization empowers ASERF member surgeons, clinical researchers, and industry partners to extract prospective and retrospective data from The Aesthetic Society’s technology platforms, ANN and Aesthetic One, as well as capture data points directly from research participants.

SETA will be a game changer in aesthetic research. The electronic data capture software offers a fully configurable design portal meeting the exact needs of the study, trial, clinician, or end user. When coupled with the HIPPA compliant mobile applications for both the site and patient, clinical studies and trial deployment will be more time and cost efficient.

In alignment with the strategic plan, SETA with its EDC capabilities, will enable ASERF to develop and maintain multiple clinical studies and expand its research efforts, including offering CRO services to industry. While ASERF is expected to maintain its roots as a grant giving charitable Foundation, it will have the ability to provide Phase 3 & 4 clinical trials, customized registries, and studies, to become the leader in aesthetic research.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, profits from the CRO offerings will be used to support ASERF’s mission: identify and pursue those issues relevant to advancing the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic medicine through independent, unbiased, directed research, and groundbreaking education.

The SETA platform is supported by