Major Gifts Print

With cosmetic surgery on the rise, the need for safe and effeicte procedures will continue to grow. ASERF is strategically positioned to fund research that will enhance your practice, expand surgical options and keep our patients safe.

By making an immediate cash gift, ASERF can put that money to use right away funding priority projects. Cash gifts that are substantial in nature can be given in a lump sum or paid over time and are accepted in following ways:

  • Unrestricted Donation – A gift of this nature allows the Board of Directors to use these funds where they are needed most.
  • Restricted Donations – Provide a gift to a specific area of study: face, breast, body etc
  • Named Endowed Funds – A fund is created in your name and the principal invested. As the funds grow, ASERF funds projects with the earned interest income that are of interest to you. A minimum dollar amount is required. Please contact ASERF staff to discuss your wishes and learn more about this option.