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The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation


ASAPS Leadership Award Print

This award is presented to an ASAPS member who shows exemplary leadership, service, creativity, and dedication to the subspecialty of Aesthetic Surgery, advancing the organization in the pursuit of its stated mission. The Award is presented at the discretion of the Board of Directors to recognize a superior contribution to the Society and its members. The award is a small, covered Tiffany box.

Award Recipients
Robert W. Bernard, MD - 1997
Robert Singer, MD - 2004
James M. Stuzin, MD - 2008
Foad Nahai, MD - 2010
Mark Jewell, MD - 2015
Leo McCafferty, MD - 2016

ASERF Research Award Print

The ASERF (Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation) Research Award is conferred in those extraordinary circumstances when the results of research projects have a profound and monumental effect upon the specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the quality of service provided to our patients.

Award Recipients
2004 - Vernon Leroy Young, MD

Best Aesthetic Surgery Journal Research Paper Print

Best Research Paper Award Recipients

2015 - Characterization of Adipose Tissue for Autologous Fat Grafting
Thomas M. Suszynski, MD
David A. Sieber, MD
Allen L. Van Beek, MD
Bruce L. Cunningham, MD

2014 - Adipose-Derived Stem Cell to Epithelial Stem Cell Transdifferentiation: A Mechanism to Potentially Improve Understanding of Fat Grafting's Impact on Skin Rejuvenation.
Brian M. Derby, MD
Hui Dai, MD, PhD
Joel Reichensperger, BS
Lisa Cox, BS
Carrie Harrison, BS
Nicole Cosenze, MS
Mei Yang, MD, PhD
Rueben A, Bueno, MD
Michael W. Neumeister, MD, FRCSC, FACS

Best Journal Article Print

This award is presented for the best aesthetic surgery article published in a scientific journal.

Award Recipients

Ruth Graf, MD
Andre Ricardo Dall Oglio Tolazzi, MD
Priscilla Balbinot, MD
Andre Pazio, MD
Pedro Miguel Valente, MD
Renato da Silva Freitas, MD
Joel Pessa, MD

Achilleas Thoma, MD, MSC, FRCS (C), FACS
Chris J. Hong, BHSc
Yu Kit Li, MD
Reza Nassab, MBA, MSc, FRCS(plast) 

Jonathan A. Kadouch, MD
Charlotte J. Tutein Nolthenius, MD
Daniel J. Kadouch, MD
Henk-Jan van der Woude, MD, PhD
Refaat B. Karim, MD, PhD
Rick Hoekzema, MD, PhD 

Clinton D. McCord, MD
Peter Kreymerman, MD
Foad Nahai, MD
Joseph D. Walrath, MD
Patrick L. Tonnard, MD
Alexis M. Verpaele, MD
Assaf A. Zeltzer, MD

Bradley P. Bengston, MD
Ivo Pitanguy, MD
Barbara H. B. Machado, MD

Craig N. Creasman, MD
David Mordaunt, PhD
Tom Liolios, MBA
Catherine Chiu
Allan Gabriel, MD
G. Patrick Maxwell, MD
Claude Lassus, MD

Daniel G. Becker, MD
Evan Ransom, MD
Charles Guy, DO
Jason Bloom, MD
Apostolos D. Mandrekas, MD
George J. Zambacos, MD

Fritz E. Barton, MD
Emmanual Delay, MD
Sebastian Garson, MD
Gilles Tousson, MD
Raphael Sinna, MD

Christopher K. Patronella, MD
Amado Ruiz-Razura, MD
German Newall, MD
Henry A. Metz, MD
Monica L. Arango, MD
Tiravat Assavapolee, PhD
Jana L. Siarski

Jordan P. Farkas, MD
Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD
Daniel A. Hatef, MD
Gabrielle Davis, MD
Tuan Truong, MD
Rod J. Rohrich, MD,
Spencer A. Brown, MD

V. Leroy Young, MD
Marla E. Watson, MA

Ana Zulmira E.D. Badin, MD
Marcia Regina Campelli Forte, MD
Odilon Loyola e Silva, MD

V. Leroy Young, MD
Marla E. Watson, MD
C.B. Boswell, MD
Robert F. Centeno, MD

Constantino G. Mendieta, MD
Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Greg Bazell, MD 2002

John A. Grossman, MD
Philippe A. Caprapo, MD
Virginijus Burneikis, MD

Ruth M. Graf, MD
Andre Auersvald, MD
Afranio Bernardes, MD
Thomas M. Biggs, MD

David Netscher, MD
Richardo A. Meade, MD
Jeffrey D. Friedman, MD
Robert S. Malone, MD
Jett R. Brady, MD
John Thornby, PhD

Antonio Fuente Del Campo, MD
Rollin K. Daniel, MD 1997

T. Roderick Hester, MD
Mark A. Codner, MD
Clinton D. McCord, MD

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Jack P. Gunter, MD
Ronald Friedman, MD

John Yousif, MD

Best Panel Moderator Print
This award is presented to the individual who is judged the Best Panel Moderator at the ASAPS/ASERF Annual Meeting. This award is an etched triangular crystal on a green marble base.

Award Recipients
2016 - William P. Adams, Jr., MD
2015 - Sherrell J. Aston, MD
2014 - Jamil Ahmad, MD & Frank Lista, MD
2013 - Glenn Jelks, MD
2012 - Jack Fisher, MD
2011 - Mark A. Codner, MD
2010 - Foad Nahai, MD
2009 - Robert Singer, MD
2008 - Charles Thorne, MD
2007 - Foad Nahai, MD 
2006 - Jack Fisher, MD 
2005 - Fritz E. Barton, Jr., MD
2004 - Jack Fisher, MD
2003 - Robert Singer, MD
2002 - Franklin L. DiSpaltro, MD
2001 - Daniel C. Morello, MD
Best Scientific Exhibit by a Resident Print

This plaque is presented to the resident whose Scientific Exhibit at an ASAPS/ASERF annual meeting is selected as the most educational.

Award Recipients
2011 - Michelle Roughton, MD
2010 - Humberto Palladino, MD
2009 - Clark Friedrich Schierle, MD
2007 - Francisco J. Agullo, MD
2005 - Sing Wing Poon, MD
2004 - Jennifer L. Walden, MD
2003 - Chad D. Tattini, MD
2002 - Gregory R.D. Evans, MD
2001 - Kent V. Hasen, MD
2000 - Dimitros Mastorakos, MD
1999 - Jeffrey Marcus, MD 
1998 - R. Biff McCann, MD 
1997 - Mark T. Boschert, MD
1996 - R. Biff McCann, MD
1995 - Brad J. Jacobs, MD

Career Achievement Award Print

The ASERF Career Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant impact on the field of aesthetic plastic surgery – having spent their entire career promoting and improving the specialty through education, communications, administration and research while having held leadership roles with ASERF and/or The Aesthetic Society. 

The ASERF Career Achievement Award is presented during the annual Member Business Meeting held at The Aesthetic Meeting. Past recipients of the award were:

2017 - Thomas Baker, MD & Simon Fredricks, MD
2016 - Gilbert P. Gradinger, MD
2015 - Foad Nahai, MD
2014 - Luis O. Vasconez, MD
2013 - Fritz E. Barton, Jr., MD
2010 - Thomas D. Rees, MD
ASERF is pleased to announce that Drs. Thomas Baker and Simon Fredricks, both Founding Members of The Aesthetic Society, were honored with the 2017 Career Achievement Award. The presentation took place at the Member Business Meeting to be held during The Aesthetic Meeting 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center, on Sunday, April 30.

To make a tax-deductible donation in honor of these ground-breaking visionaries as a tribute to their distinguished careers, please visit ASERF’s donation page, where you can also include a personal message to either (or both) doctors in the Comments field. Your contribution will be used to fund research designed to fulfill ASERF’s mission to advance the safety and effectiveness of aesthetic medicine. 




Community Service Print
Thomas D. Rees, MD - 2006
Renato Saltz, MD - 2006
Kenneth E. Salyer, MD - 2007
Lawrence C. Kurtzman, MD - 2008
Tolbert Wilkinson, MD - 2009
Jack E. Demos, MD - 2013
Joe M. Gryskiewicz, MD - 2015
Distinguished Service Award Print

This award is presented to members of ASAPS whose dedication, service, and/or contributions to the development, well being, and success of the Society have been demonstrated over many years and have exemplified action above and beyond the expected or ordinary. The award is a Tiffany crystal trapezoid on a marble base.

Award Recipient

2015- James Stuzin, MD
2011 - Robert Stanton
2010 - Robert Singer, MD
2009 - Robert W. Bernard, MD & V. Leroy Young, MD
2007 - Jack A. Friedland, MD
2002 - Stanley A. Klatsky, MD
1996 - Gaspar W. Anastasi, MD
1995 - Norman M. Cole, MD
1992 - Rex A. Peterson, MD
1991 - Thomas J. Baker, MD
1990 - Thomas D. Rees, MD
1988 - Simon Fredricks, MD
1987 - John R. Lewis, Jr., MD
1978 - Jerome Klingbeil, MD, CAE 

Gaspar W. Anastasi Award Print

The Gaspar W. Anastasi Award is presented to the highest rated resident and/or fellow scientific papers at the Residents & Fellows Forum during the annual meeting of the Society.

Award Recipients
2012 - Christophe Ho Quoc, MD
2011 - Nour Abboushi, MD
2011 - Sophie Bartsich, MD
2010 - Humberto Palladino, MD
2010 - Jamil Ahmad, MD
2009 - Mark A. Clayman, MD
2009 - Alireza Sadeghi, MD
2008 - Raj Ambay, MD
2008 - Brian S. Coan, MD
2007 - Justin Piasecki, MD
2007 - Mark V. Schaverien, MD
2006 - Ashkan Ghavami, MD
2006 - Mark A. Clayman, MD
2005 - Shim Ching, , MD
2005 - Anthony Zacharek, MD
2004 - Arian Mowlavi, MD
2004 - Raman C. Mahabir, MD
2003 - Timothy Shane Johnson, MD
2003 - Raman Mahabir, MD
2002 - Stephanie Houser
2002 - Ashley Gordon, MD
2001 - Colin Riordan, MD
2001 - Kristin A. Boehm, MD
2000 - Elaine Sassoon, MD
2000 - Donald R. Nunn, DDS, MD
1999 - Miguel L. Gallegos, MD
1999 - Sean Lille, MD
1998 - Deborah Sillins, MD
1998 - George Rudkin, MD

In Chul Song Award for Philanthropic Service Print

This award is bestowed upon a plastic surgeon whose philanthropic plastic surgery efforts to citizens in less fortunate countries best exemplifies humanitarian service.

Award Recipients
2012 - Larry Weinstein, MD
2011 - Julio Garcia, MD
2010 - Raj Chowdary, MD
2009 - Libby F. Wilson, MD
2008 - Peter B. Fodor, MD
2007 - Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, MD
2006 - Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, MD
2005 - Thomas E. Geraghty, MD
2004 - Bernard S. Alpert, MD
2003 - P. Craig Hobar, MD
2002 - Donald Laub, Jr., MD
2001 - J. William Little, MD
2000 - Robert Davis, MD
1999 - William P. Magee, MD
1998 - Sharadkumar Dicksheet, MD
1997 - G. Patrick Maxwell, MD
1996 - Thomas D. Rees, MD

International Symposium Award Print

The two best presenters at the ASAPS/ASERF/ISAPS International Symposium are then invited to present their paper to the entire Scientific Session at the ASAPS/ASERF annual meeting.

Award Recipients
2005 - Jaime Anger, MD - Brazil
2005 - Carlos Oscar Uebel, MD - Brazil
2004 - Carl Troilius, MD - Sweden
2004 - Jose A. De La Pena, MD - Mexico
2003 - Arturo C. Prado, MD - Chile
2003 - Theirry Rainier Jean Besins, MD - France

Jerome R. Klingbeil Award Print

The Jerome R. Klingbeil Award for teaching excellence was established in 1988 to recognize the efforts and the achievements of outstanding Teaching Course instructors and as a memorial to Jerome R. Klingbeil, MD, CAE, (1918 - 1988). This award was named in honor of Dr. Klingbeil's faithful and dedicated service to ASAPS. Dr. Klingbeil served this organization and its membership in numerous capacities, including 1973 Local Arrangements Chairman, Chairman of the Convention Planning and Coordination Committee (1974 - 1984) and as its first Executive Director (1981 - 1985).

In keeping with the high degree of emphasis Dr. Klingbeil placed upon quality education and professional development, this award is conferred upon Teaching Course instructors who have donated their time and expertise to furnish significant and long-term contributions to the Society and the specialty. ASAPS is proud to present a bust of Queen Nefertiti in recognition of demonstrated commitment and excellence to:

Award Recipients
Frederick M. Grazer, MD
Bernard L. Kaye, MD
George C. Peck, MD
Gustavo A. Colon, MD
John Bostwick, III, MD
Gordon H. Sasaki, MD
Fritz E. Barton, Jr., MD
Sydney Coleman, MD
Grant Fairbanks, MD
Robert S. Flowers, MD
Mark L. Jewell, MD
Alan Matarasso, MD
Tolbert Wilkinson, MD
Karen Zupko
Glenn Jelks, MD
William P. Adams, Jr., MD
Michael I. Kulick, MD
Timothy J. Marten, MD
Foad Nahai, MD

Raymond Vilain Award Print

The Raymond Vilain Award is presented to an ASAPS International member or a international surgeon for an outstanding scientific presentation at an ASAPS/ASERF annual meeting. This award is given in the name of Raymond Vilain, MD.

Award Recipient
2016 - Jean-Francois Pascal, MD
2015 - Bryan Mendelson, MD
2014 - Bryan Mendelson, MD
2013 - Mario Pell-Cervolo, MD
2012 - Janek Januszkiewicz, MD
2011 - Gino Rigotti, MD
2010 - Alain Fogli, MD
2009 - João Carlos Sampaio Goés, MD
2008 - Bryan C. Mendelson, MD
2007 - Barry Jones, MD
2006 - Arturo Ramirez-Montanana, MD
2005 - Jean Francois Pascal, MD
2004 - Patrick Tonnard, MD
2003 - Patrick Tonnard, MD
2002 - Bryan C. Mendelson, MD
2001 - Michael Scheflan, MD
2000 - Jose Guerrerosantos, MD
1999 - Ewaldo B. de Souza Pinto, MD
1998 - Michael Scheflan, MD
1995 - Carlos O. Uebel, MD

Robert Singer Award for Best Hot Topics Presentation Print

2016 - W. Grant Stevens, MD
2015 - Daniel Del Vecchio, MD
2014 - Mark A. Pinsky, MD
2013 - Steven Teitelbaum, MD

Scientific Exhibit Award Print

This plaque is presented to the individual who presents the Scientific Exhibit at an ASAPS/ASERF annual meeting which is selected as the most educational.

Award Recipients
2011 - Marcos Sforza, MD
2010 - Alessandra Haddad, MD
2009 - Marcos Sforza, MD
2008 - Bradley P. Bengtson
2007 - Mark A. Pinsky, MD
2006 - Peter B. Fodor, MD
2005 - Jaime Anger, MD
2004 - Arturo C. Prado, MD
2003 - Robert M. Freund, MD
2002 - Gregory R.D. Evans, MD
2001 - Steven M. Hoefflin
2000 - Scott E. Newman, MD
1999 - Richard Zienowicz, MD
1998 - Vicente De Carolis, MD
1997 - Hamid Massiha, MD
1996 - Bonnie J. Baldwin, MD
1995 - Brad J. Jacobs, MD
1994 - Brad J. Jacobs, MD (resident)
1994 - Mehdi N. Adham, MD
1993 - Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
1992 - Thadeusz Wellisz, MD

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