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The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation

Best Journal Article Print

This award is presented for the best aesthetic surgery article published in a scientific journal.

Award Recipients

Mark W. Clemens, MD
Steven M. Horwitz, MD
Ru-Lin Huang, MD, PhD
Yun Xie, MD
Wenjin Wang, MD, PhD
Tanja Herrler, MD
Jia Zhou, MD, PhD
Peijuan Zhao, MD
Lee LQ Pu, MD, PhD
Qingfeng Li, MD, PhD

Ruth Graf, MD
Andre Ricardo Dall Oglio Tolazzi, MD
Priscilla Balbinot, MD
Andre Pazio, MD
Pedro Miguel Valente, MD
Renato da Silva Freitas, MD
Joel Pessa, MD

Achilleas Thoma, MD, MSC, FRCS (C), FACS
Chris J. Hong, BHSc
Yu Kit Li, MD
Reza Nassab, MBA, MSc, FRCS(plast) 

Jonathan A. Kadouch, MD
Charlotte J. Tutein Nolthenius, MD
Daniel J. Kadouch, MD
Henk-Jan van der Woude, MD, PhD
Refaat B. Karim, MD, PhD
Rick Hoekzema, MD, PhD 

Clinton D. McCord, MD
Peter Kreymerman, MD
Foad Nahai, MD
Joseph D. Walrath, MD
Patrick L. Tonnard, MD
Alexis M. Verpaele, MD
Assaf A. Zeltzer, MD

Bradley P. Bengston, MD
Ivo Pitanguy, MD
Barbara H. B. Machado, MD

Craig N. Creasman, MD
David Mordaunt, PhD
Tom Liolios, MBA
Catherine Chiu
Allan Gabriel, MD
G. Patrick Maxwell, MD
Claude Lassus, MD

Daniel G. Becker, MD
Evan Ransom, MD
Charles Guy, DO
Jason Bloom, MD
Apostolos D. Mandrekas, MD
George J. Zambacos, MD

Fritz E. Barton, MD
Emmanual Delay, MD
Sebastian Garson, MD
Gilles Tousson, MD
Raphael Sinna, MD

Christopher K. Patronella, MD
Amado Ruiz-Razura, MD
German Newall, MD
Henry A. Metz, MD
Monica L. Arango, MD
Tiravat Assavapolee, PhD
Jana L. Siarski

Jordan P. Farkas, MD
Jeffrey M. Kenkel, MD
Daniel A. Hatef, MD
Gabrielle Davis, MD
Tuan Truong, MD
Rod J. Rohrich, MD,
Spencer A. Brown, MD

V. Leroy Young, MD
Marla E. Watson, MA

Ana Zulmira E.D. Badin, MD
Marcia Regina Campelli Forte, MD
Odilon Loyola e Silva, MD

V. Leroy Young, MD
Marla E. Watson, MD
C.B. Boswell, MD
Robert F. Centeno, MD

Constantino G. Mendieta, MD
Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Greg Bazell, MD 2002

John A. Grossman, MD
Philippe A. Caprapo, MD
Virginijus Burneikis, MD

Ruth M. Graf, MD
Andre Auersvald, MD
Afranio Bernardes, MD
Thomas M. Biggs, MD

David Netscher, MD
Richardo A. Meade, MD
Jeffrey D. Friedman, MD
Robert S. Malone, MD
Jett R. Brady, MD
John Thornby, PhD

Antonio Fuente Del Campo, MD
Rollin K. Daniel, MD 1997

T. Roderick Hester, MD
Mark A. Codner, MD
Clinton D. McCord, MD

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Jack P. Gunter, MD
Ronald Friedman, MD

John Yousif, MD


"I GIVE..."

Dan Mills, MD
Laguna Beach, CA
Life Insurance Policy

“I give because my mentor, Rex Peterson, once said, ‘We should give back in the way that someone has given to us.’ My chosen profession has been good to me and by providing a gift to ASERF I am able to give back in a way that is long lasting and benefits our specialty as a whole.”

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