2012 Hot Topics Print

2012 Hot Topics

Capsular Contracture – Are We Making Progress?
The Breast – A Clean Contaminated Surgical Site – Sophie Bartsich, MD
Consecutive Nipple Cultures in Consecutive Breast Procedures – Luis M. Rios, Jr., MD
Aspen Ultrasound for Capsular Contracture – Joe M. Gryskiewicz, MD
Non-Bacterial Causes of Capsular Contracture – Mark P. Solomon, MD
Special Presentation:  New ASAPS Member Benefit – The RADAR Resource – William P. Adams, Jr., MD

Formal English Debate – Laser Liposuction
Resolution:  Laser liposuction is a positive body contouring advance for patients.5 min primary arguments; 3min rebuttal each
Barry E. DiBernardo, MD; Steven Teitelbaum, MD  Chairman:   William P. Adams, Jr., MD
Q & A Panel to Follow: Barry E. DiBernardo, MD; Chris Inglefield, MD; Brian M. Kinney, MD; Kenneth Rothaus, MD; Steven Teitelbaum, MD

Belotero Clinical Trial – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
Xeomin Update Comparison to Botox – Brian M. Kinney, MD   
Controlled Study of Tyndall Effect with Different HAs – to Differentiate Intradermal non-Tyndall HAs from Subdermal HAs – Hema Sundaram, MD 

Premier Global Hot Topics “Mobile” Panel
New Technology in Plastic Surgery – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD; Jason Pozner, MD;  Brett Snyder, MD , Brian Kinney MD,  Moderator – William P.  Adams, Jr., MD       
Topics to include Ulthera, Zeltiq, Bella Contour, Vampire Facelift

Pecha Kucha
High Profile Breast Implants – Steven Teitelbaum, MD
Skin Care Products – What do They Mean, What are the Ingredients, How Can We Better Educate Patients? – Robert Singer, MD
Reduction of Submental Fat with ATX-101 Results from a European Phase 3 Multi, Center, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study of ATX-101 for the Reduction of Submental Fat ATX-101-10-16 – Leroy Young, MD

Viability of Adipocytes and other Lipoaspirate Components after Third Generation Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction – Daniel C. Mills, II, MD
Cell Enriched Fat Transfer to the Face and Body: Preliminary Clinical Experience of a Retrospective IRB approved Study – Steven R. Cohen, MD
Hydrasolve Lipoplasty System Based on Tissue Liquefaction Technology from Andrew Technologies – Richard A. D’Amico, MD
Regulatory Aspects of Human Cells and Tissue Products – Richard A. D’Amico, MD

“White Hot” Quickhits
Laser Scar Therapy – Jason Pozner, MD
CryoShape (liquid nitrogen probe inserted into a keloid or hypertrophic scar) – Z. Paul Lorenc, MD
Experience with Bovine derived Acellular Dermal Matrix in 300 Consecutive Breast Reconstruction - Michael Scheflan, MD
Seri-Scaffold Clinicals – Mark L. Jewell, MD
Cohera Tissue Glue – Dirk F. Richter, MD
New Trends in Cosmetic Gynecology – Labia Majora Augmentation – Christine Hamori, MD
Biopatch – Antimicrobial Dressing for Wounds – Susan Kaweski, MD
A New Laser Doppler for Skin Perfusion Assessment in Breast Reconstruction – Michael Scheflan, MD
Spy System – Terence M. Myckatyn, MD

Medical Practice
Integrating Specialty Data and Evidence Based Medicine – Geoffrey R. Keyes, MD
Hot Topics for Legal Issues – Karol A. Gutowski, MD
EMR – What You Need to Know – James M. Nachbar, MD